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Law Firms And Lawyers

Tax reform is second nature to us which will help YOU with latest changes.  QTA TAX, LTD. Is the trusted choice of lawyers and law firms?  We deliver the proactive personal attention and team engagement four small firms, along with the tailored tax services, capabilities and resources of a large firm.  We also serve legal clients with multi-state and international needs.  All need to know accurate tax brackets and 2021 tax brackets for proper planning. 

Future-Focused Worth

Tax Consulting

  • Shareholder agreements/operating agreements.

  • Partner retirement tax consulting

  • Long-term strategic tax planning

Tax preparation

  • Tax planning and consulting

  • New partner tax consulting

  • Tax preparation federal, state and multistate tax returns for law firms, as well as tax preparation for individual attorneys

Accounting services

  • Financial statement compilations

  • Trust account reconciliations

  • Agreed upon procedure engagements

  • Internal control and analysis

  • Prepare comprehensive financial statements using various methods accrual, cash, or tax basis

Tax Services Tax Consulting