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Tax Services

Tax Services - working with the Internal Revenue Code, especially with the recent modifications imposed by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, can be one of the most difficult corporate and personal challenges. It takes a full-time effort to understand that code and locate opportunities inside it. Our tax professionals are dedicated to providing you with peace of mind, calmness and clear conscience.We combine a solid understanding of tax law with years of expertise working with individuals, partnerships, businesses, estates, and trusts at QTA Tax, Ltd.  Tax service near me offers tax service. We offer tax services to assist you reduce your tax liability and keep more of what you earn.Certified public accountants (CPAs) and enrolled agents are the most qualified tax consultants (EA). These advisors have the formal education as well as the experience needed to provide comprehensive strategic guidance. Some tax consultants, on the other hand, are simply registered with the IRS. That implies they don't have a formal degree to supplement their knowledge when it comes to tax advice.

Requirements for Becoming a tax service provider.

There is no established accreditation process for tax consultants. They typically hold a bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, tax law, or a related profession. Additionally, IRS law requires paid consultants or advisors who file tax returns to register as tax return preparers.  Tax service near me, these tax return preparers must additionally register for a Preparer Tax Identification Number with the IRS (PTIN).In addition, preparers must pass the Competency Test for Registered Tax Return Preparers. Some tax return preparers, however, are exempt from taking the exam.  Tax service near me, tax service for your needs.  CPAs, EAs, attorneys, supervised preparers, and preparers who do not prepare or assist in the preparation of any Form 1040 series returns are exempt from taking the exam.The PTIN number might be current or provisional, according to the IRS. Tax return preparers who pass the competency test are given provisional status, whereas CPAs, EAs, and attorneys are given active status automatically. Paid tax return preparers must also undergo a tax compliance check as well as a sustainability check. Under IRS law, all preparers who meet these qualifications become registered preparers. 

We have been within the tax service directory for 25 years.

Businesses Tax Service

  • Income tax preparation, consulting, and planning for pass-through and corporate entities

  • Looking for deductions to lower your tax burden

  • Minimizing your tax liability in retirement

  • Cost segregation studies

  • Research and development tax credit

  • Consulting related to selection and implementation of state and local economic incentives

  • Retirement planning for individuals

  • International tax compliance, planning and consulting.

  • Payroll tax preparation and consulting

  • Sales and use tax preparation

  • Depreciation management

Individual Tax Service

  • Individual tax preparation, consulting, and planning

  • Estate tax planning

  • Retirement planning for individuals

  • Representation before the IRS or other tax authorities during audits, examinations, or notices

  • Mail audit

  • Tangible Property tax preparation, consulting and planning

  • Fixed asset and depreciation management and tracking

  • Planning and managing waxes on rental property income

  • Tax implication of life events, like marriages, divorces, deaths and births Consulting