Capital Gains Tax

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Minimize Your Capital Gains Tax

Get the most from the ownership of your assets. We’ll work with you right ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ start, when you first acquire an asset, to the very end, when you’re considering to sell or gift it away.


What is Capital Gains Tax?

Did you sell some property this year? Or, perhaps you made some good investments. In either case, you will perhaps have to pay a capital gains tax (CGT).Capital Gains Tax is often applicable when you sell an asset at a profit. However, it can also be applied to transfers, gifts, and even asset swaps.The bottom line is if you generate profit on an investment, it is taxable – no matter if you have a large real estate portfolio or just have some mutual funds.Capital gains taxes are investment income taxes allocated to specific assets on which you made a profit. Whether it is real estate, bonds, or stocks, any profit you generate upon their sale is taxable. The actual taxable amount depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Your income tax bracket and filing status

  • Your basis in the investment (in general, what you paid for it)

  • Investment length (short-term or long-term)

Our Capital Gains Tax Service

Our expertise in the capital gains tax area means we can help you comprehend the rules and, most significantly, the exemptions and reliefs that are available to you. We can explain them to you based on your unique situation and also discuss the complex aspects, in addition to quantifying the tax payable and preparing what-if calculations.You wouldn’t like a surprise tax bill, right? With our tax services and guidance, you can avoid these surprises.

Why Choose Our Capital Gain Tax Service

Our capital gains tax service is designed to maximize specific reliefs and exemptions provided for in tax legislation. With our tax services, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Understanding of the best ways to own assets so you can maximize the reliefs

  • Minimizing capital gains tax payable on transferring assets to the next generation

  • Guidance on several reliefs and allowances available

  • Advice on the sale of shares and real estate

  • Establishing business valuations and share valuations

  • Guidance on the capital gains tax implications of mergers, demergers, business reorganizations, and management buy-outs

  • Planning how and when to make a sale or gift, making the best use of losses, reliefs, allowances, and exemptions available

  • Reviewing whether you have to report disposal, including when and how to do so, along with preparing your tax return or any non-resident capital gains tax return (as applicable)

  • Guidance on all areas of capital gains tax administration, which include due dates for payment of taxes

Our tax experts can look at your personal situation and let you know if you will need to pay a capital gains tax. We’ve got answers to all your tax questions, including where to find the best capital gains tax service near me?