Non-business energy property credit

QTA Consultants, Ltd./Renata Bliumaite

Effective 2023, the nonbusiness energy property credit is renamed the energy efficient home improvement credit. The credit is increased to 30% of the cost of improvements made and replaces the lifetime limitations to the following ANNUAL limitations.1)In general, the combined credit for all energy-efficient home improvements is limited to $1,200 per year, except for (5)below. 2)The credit for residential energy property expenditures is limited to $600 per year.3)The credit for windows is limited to $600 in aggregate for all exterior windows and skylights.4)The credit for doors is limited to $250 per year for any exterior door, and $500 in the aggregate for all exterior doors.5)Credit allowed for heat pumps and heat pump water heaters, biomass stoves and boilers is limited to $2,000 per year.6)The credit for energy audits is limited to $150 per year. Qualified energy efficiency improvements include energy efficient insulation, exterior windows, skylights, and exterior doors that meet various energy standard requirements. The new law removes roofs from the definition of building envelope components, butadds air sealing insulation to the definition of insulation material or system which reduces the heat loss or heat gain of a dwelling unit.